Hiss Golden Messenger

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Praise for Country Hai East Cotton:

“While many bands strive for individuality HGM actually carves unique cheekbones and flesh tones throughout this debut. Imbued with inspired horn stabs and string strokes, each song has its own weight, its own character, but still hangs together in the end as the work of a single entity driven by some echo-wide internal logic that allows much to be packed into their spaces.

Having observed the gestation of these songs live and in various rudimentary studio versions since the band’s inception, I can attest to the strength of the fully realized final product. As potent and engaging as their live sets can be, there’s an equal grab here, a subtle force beyond just another batch of tunes that seizes some buried nerve and makes us moan the “Resurrection Blues” along with ol’ J.L. as the THC-friendly trombone makes us shuffle a newfangled second line.”

-Dennis Cook, Jambase

“Smooth and groovy, laid back and  mellow, a definite seventies FM radio vibe, a little Laurel Canyon, even a bit of funk here and there, a little jazziness, from country  ballad to boogie stomp to jazzy dark pop … to one track that definitely gets a bit dubby, but those songs are all wound up  in a warm woozy playful sound that manages to be all it’s own while proudly flying the flags of all the sounds that came before.”

-Aquarius Records

Press Materials:

For any HGM-related inquiries, email HGM here. Mail to 1533B Clearwater Lake Road, Chapel Hill, NC, 27517.